There are a handful of memories one would have throughout the course of a year. Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Bachelorette Parties. etc. These aren't just any ordinary days, but a day in which you choose your closest friends to share in one of lifes greatest moments. 

​The Bowtie Group makes it convenient for you to enjoy your Group outing without the stress and complications of planning too much, making arrangements,  multiple reservations and not to mention the heartache of dealing with the beaurocracy and superficial attitudes of doormen at major nightclubs. If we are not mistaken...you are just like us and simply want to get in and party with your friends!

For over 8 years we have developed our relationships with night club venues making this entry process truly seamless for large groups. (Yes this means NO LONG LINES!)

Your night will start out with a 2 hour open bar at The Congress Hotel Rooftop in South Beach at 10pm from Thursday through Sunday.  Afterwards, we will escort you via Party Bus to a premier designated night club and a member of our Bowtie Group Concierge will personally escort you into the night club without waiting on the anticipated long lines. 

So gather your group, drop it like its hot, shake your tail feather, paint the town red or whatever you would like to do. 

​Price: $40 per person (8 Persons Minimum)

(Includes 2 Hour Open Bar, Party Bus Transportation, VIP Escort and Admission into Night Club)